Whatever your electrical problem we’re the electricians to call. We’re only a short distance from Innaloo - call us on (08) 9245 8609 if you have an electrical job requiring prompt attention or need a quote over the phone. You’ll find we’re very responsive!  

Honest and Reliable Electricians

Are you looking for an honest and reliable Innaloo Electrician? FirstGen Solutions is the company to call if you want an honest assessment of your electrical problems and reliable and cost effective solutions.

Diverse Range of Electrical Services 

We fix all types of electrical problems. Electrical issues can be very serious and can be a major health hazard to your family. We offer all of the following services to ensure your home is safe and sound:

LED Specialty & Security Lighting

LED Lighting can compliment the value of any renovation or existing installation. We can give you suggestions to help you determine what type of lighting you need.

Switchboard Upgrades

Times are changing, so to the need for updated safety measures for your electrical installation. Ensure you have the best.


If you are just changing a light fixture or renovating a bathroom or kitchen we can help you with prompt, on time service.

Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

Have all year comfort with a new Air Conditioning system. Beat the heat in Summer and stay warm in Winter.

RCD's, Smoke Alarms & Safety Certificates

Installing to the latest building codes and Australian Standards and regulations, We've got you covered for safety.

Power & TV Outlets

If you are just changing a faulty outlet in the kitchen or wanting a new outlet to go next to the TV point you want installed, FirstGen can do the job.

The Best Electricians Serving Innaloo

Not all electricians hold themselves to the highest work and safety standards. Some use poor quality equipment and inefficient methods. Others are unreliable and don’t arrive when they say they will. Others overcharge! We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety, reliability and affordability. We’re only a short distance away from Innaloo so please call us on (08) 9245 8609.

Cost Effective and Economical Electrician

Are you worried about how much you might spend fixing your electrical problem? Some electricians certainly overcharge, but FirstGen Solutions prides itself on finding the most cost effective solutions. We’ll always be upfront and clear on how much it’s going to cost you.

We Recommend High Quality Electrical Equipment 

We do not recommend low quality electrical equipment. Firstly, low quality is often not safe and second low quality, cheap equipment often doesn’t last or is not very economical. This ends up costing you more in the long run. Having said that we will try and find the most economical, good quality solution that fits your budget.

We Work Efficiently and Effectively 

A significant cost of any electrical job in the hours of labour required. Whilst we don’t recommend low quality equipment, we do work efficiently and effectively. Rest assured we’ll be working as quickly as we can to get your job done as soon as possible.  

The Safest Electricians in Innaloo  

Do you expect an electrician to work safely? Of-course is the answer - everyone understands that electricity is dangerous. But despite this, some electricians don’t rigorously follow Australian health and safety standards.  

We Follow Australian Workplace Health & Safety Standards 

At FirstGen Solutions we pride ourselves on diligently following Australian health and safety standards. We realise that your family’s safety is at stake and we take every precaution to ensure that your home is safe and sound.  

Electricians That Work to The Highest Quality Standards

Just like any other profession, electricians are expected to comply with quality standards. FirstGen Solutions prides itself on meeting the highest quality electrical standards. We’re qualified electricians but we also actively keep on top of the latest industry standards.


If you need a Innaloo Electrician we’re only a short distance away. Call us on  (08) 9245 8609.

Our Other residential services 

  • Install RCD safety switches
  • Fire & Smoke Detectors
  • Upgrade Your Old Cabling
  • Power Points
  • Exhausts & Extractor Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Repair Minor Electrical Faults
  • Shed & Outside Power
  •  Air Conditioning 
  • Old House Rewiring And Upgrades
  • Stove And Oven Jobs
  • LED Low Voltage Lights
  • Dimmer Light Switches
  • Pool & Spa Pump Power
  • Emergency/ Security Lights
  • Safety Checks & Certificates
Chris Baldrey Electrician FirstGen Solutions


Chris helped us in our moment of need, servicing, repairing and coordinating other trades to get the old evaporative cooler working in our new house. He completed the work quickly and was very well priced. Would recommend to anyone.

Keith B - Balcatta

FirstGen did a fantastic job on rewiring my house. Was a quick job and was happy with the price. Can't wait to get Chris back for my next renovation!

Michael G - Greenwood

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