FirstGen Solutions

Checks & Services Performed

upgrade upgrade
Possible Upgrades
Is your system no longer giving you $0.04 in tariff? Don’t be caught up in higher bills if so. FirstGen Solar provides customers with a cost benefit ratio so you can make an informed decision.
inspection inspection
Electrical Inspections
We will check all electrical components to ensure if it currently abides by regulations and standards. A full and detailed report will also be given to meet these rigid requirements.
uv uv
UV Damage Inspection
Perth has one of the highest exposures to UV damages in the world, so it’s fitting that we provide UV damage inspection services to ensure a continuous safe performance for your solar panels and outlets.
Power Outlet Report
We always record and compare the power output of your solar systems to make sure they meet expected energy output levels. We also check your power bill to make sure your retailer is giving you the feed in tariff, per our cost effective guidelines.
Safety Labels
At FirstGen, we believe solar systems are the future of power and energy output. We continuously work to improve our industry guidelines to make sure you are up to date!
solar-panel solar
Shading Issues
Are your solar panels shaded or blocked in any way? New house built next door getting in the way of your energy? We can reconfigure your system to get it back on track!